Moving to Bristol

Moving to Bristol

Posted on Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Bristol is a city with character, culture, and an appeal that makes it very attractive for people looking to move to a new city. There’s plenty of job opportunities in Bristol and the city offers a high quality of living. There are also many excellent schools here, so if you have or are planning to have a family, your children will have access to great education opportunities.

When it comes to things to do, Bristol doesn't disappoint. The city has a rich cultural heritage and plenty of museums, theatres, and art galleries. There are also lots of great restaurants, pubs, and clubs here too.

There’s plenty to consider when moving home, and even more when moving to a new town, so here's our top tips on things to keep in mind when planning your move to Bristol.

Why are you Moving?

 The first thing to think about is why you are planning to move. Are you frustrated with where you’re currently living, and looking for a new start, or are you moving because of a job transfer? Do you have family in town and moving to be closer to them?

Think about the reasons why you are planning a move and build a plan around them. Make sure you’re choosing the part of Bristol which best suits your reason to move. You can learn about the different areas of Bristol in our property guides.

Consider the Cost-of-Living

Bristol is a beautiful city with a lot to offer, but you need to consider your budget before you make a move. Ensure you have an accurate estimate of your monthly expenses, including rent/mortgage, transportation, food, and utilities. You will want to factor in leisure activities and other incidental costs.

Find the Right Property for You

When buying a property, it's essential to think about location and whether you want to live in a flat, apartment, or house. Whether you already know where you want to live or need some suggestions, we can help. We have information on all the local schools and general neighborhood profiles to help give you a better idea of what life is like in different parts of Bristol. Look at the properties available in Bristol now through our property search.

How Will You Get Around?

If your lifestyle will keep your local, you may not need a car. Bristol is big enough that you’ll want to get out and about, but small enough that you’ll be able to walk to most places. It is a well-connected city with a huge bus network and an active train station. There are also plenty of cycle paths to make getting around easy and fun!

If You're Moving with Children, Explore the Local Schools

Bristol has some wonderful schools, including Redmaids' High School, founded in 1634, making it one of the oldest girls' schools in England. We have areas specific info on local schools in our areas guides available here.

Be Safe!

Fortunately, Bristol is often rated as one of the safest places to live in the UK .  Compared to other large cities, offence rates are much lower, making it the ideal place to raise a family, start a new career, study, or enter retirement. It also often comes out on top of ‘happiest place to live’ polls, beating out the likes of London, Liverpool, and Manchester.

Check The Job Opportunities

According to research conducted by the Royal Mail, Bristol is the best city in the UK for job opportunities. The city has an employment rate of 77.3% and the average salary is higher than the national average. Ongoing investment into Bristol also means that the local economy is expected to grow 15.7% by 2026, so opportunities will continue to arise in the coming years.

Decide On Whether to Use a Removals Company Near Where You Live Now or From Bristol?

Moving home can be a stressful time, but with good planning you can make the process much easier to manage. One of the biggest decisions to make is whether to go local with your choice for removals company or pick one from Bristol. It depends on how far the distance is between the two – if you are moving from a town or city some distance away, it is better to go for a firm local to you now. If moving from nearby, a local Bristol firm would be a good choice as you won’t have to spend too much extra for them to travel to you.