Top Tips on Preparing Your House for Viewings

Top Tips on Preparing Your House for Viewings

Top Tips on Preparing Your House for Viewings

Posted on Sunday, November 6, 2022

To increase the chances of receiving good offers for your home it must be presented to buyers in the right way. First impressions really count, as buyers will be viewing a lot of properties and you need to ensure your home stands out for the right reasons. To help get you ready, here are some top tips for preparing your house for viewings.

Tidy up the property

People will be walking round your home inspecting almost every corner, so you need to ensure it’s clean and presentable.

Remove any clutter that is lying around and clear walkways so it’s easy to move from room to room. It will also make spaces look larger and more inviting which helps to sell the idea of what the buyer could do with the property. Decluttering also applies to the front and back gardens, as they are both key selling points.

Clean floors – including carpets if you have pets – and wipe down marks and stains that may be on walls, doors, and fixtures around the home.

Carry out small repairs

There will likely be several small repair jobs that need to be done. It might be replacing broken door handles, light fixtures, light switches or dealing with peeling paintwork on windows. Take a slow walk around the home and look closely around every room to make a list to ensure everything is done.

Add some kerb appeal

Before booking a viewing appointment, most buyers will drive-by your home to see what it looks like from the outside. Good kerb appeal sets the right tone and perceptions of your home, so if needed, repaint the front door and replace any of its furniture, such as the door knocker, number, or letterbox. Tidy up the lawn, clear the pathway and remove any clutter that is lying around.

Make the bathroom and kitchen look spotless

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important rooms in any home. They will be closely inspected by house buyers so it’s crucial that they look clean and organised. Open windows to clear any excess moisture in the bathroom, clean the toilet and consider replacing any sink, bath, or shower sealant if mould has started to develop. Tidy up cupboards so buyers can see how much storage space is available and give doors, worktops, drawers, sinks and taps a thorough wipe down.

Give the house a simple makeover

Everyone has their own décor preferences but when it comes to selling, neutral colours work best. Buyers want to imagine themselves living in the property and if there are bold, quirky colours on the walls, it’s much more difficult to project their ideas. Neutral colours create a blank canvas, and you can give important rooms and a new coat of paint before the viewings start.

Consider home staging

Home staging involves using a professional who can help create the best possible version of your home for buyers. Requirements vary depending on the room and property type, but staging can really give your home that all important ‘wow factor’ to instantly impress buyers when they walk through the door. It’s a service often provided by estate agents, as they know from experience how to optimise the layout. Home staging can also help to increase the value of your home to generate higher offers.

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