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As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global health issue continues to evolve, Hydes wishes to share with you our on-going efforts to manage these events and mitigate potential impacts to operations.

We are taking sensible precautions, including non-essential travel restrictions and enforcing quarantine periods as appropriate.

We have activated or maintaining readiness to activate a broad range of recovery strategies as circumstances dictate, including:

  • Remote teleworking
  • Transfer of work to alternate locations
  • Social distancing and self-quarantine guidelines
  • Further business travel restrictions
  • Continual staff communication and awareness
  • Ensured communication with relevant third-party suppliers


In terms of proactive steps that we have taken within the confines of the Hydes Teams that support our front-line operations we have:

  • Updated our internal business line pandemic plan, as well as ensuring integration with business lines that Hydes is dependent on
  • Increased our overall remote working capacity and sized this across the whole business
  • Identified critical activities that will be prioritised if we have to invoke BCP plans or are impacted by significant staff losses
  • Identified all persons with skills sets and capability to work remotely that can discharge critical activities should the need to invoke arise
  • We have segregated our contact centre in to two distinct cross skilled groups with each group isolated from one another throughout the working day and when travelling to and from work.


We remain committed to providing our full service via telephone: 0117 9731516 and email: If you require an appointment with a member of staff, please contact us via these channels.

Whilst we all adjust to some unique circumstances The Hydes website will remain a consistent resource available to all our customers whenever they need it.

If you have any further questions, please do contact us.

Kind regards,
The Hydes Team